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Insightful Book Review of

“The UnFROGetable Costume Party”

Santa Cruz County resident Marsha Strong-Smith has authored a series of children’s books designed to empower youngsters to handle problem solving with ease and encourage dialogue with adults on a range of topics from telling the truth to assisting others and doing good deeds.

In this first volume Hoppity Frog is excited about a costume party he has been invited to attend. While he is making final preparations for the event Hoppity also finds himself drawn towards assisting some friends with their chores.

Along with the narrative that describes the frog’s actions and rationale for them, the author inserts questions into the text for the reader. For example, the reader is asked, “Should Hoppity finish his costume or paint the banner so that he would be known as Franky Frog’s special friend?”

By engaging the youngster in the story in this manner a parent/teacher/child dialogue can be opened on subjects such as procrastination, doing good deeds for the right reasons, and the elements of true friendship.

Aimed at preschoolers and students in the early grades, the books in this series feature attractive and engaging illustrations plus a manageable vocabulary. They can be either read aloud to preschoolers or children who are now reading can enjoy them on their own without assistance.

- Robert Francis

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